Riemannian geometry

On-line Kronecker Product Structured Covariance Estimation with Riemannian geometry for t-distributed data

Comparative study SPD machine learning.

Learning with constraints : Geometry and sparsity

Presentation of my post-doc research topics

Riemannian geometry for compound Gaussian distributions: Application to recursive change detection

Riemannian geometry on compound-Gaussian distributions

Exploiting robust statistics and Riemannian geometry for the Analysis of multidimensional SAR Time Series

Presentation of my research works.

A Comparative Study of Supervised Learning Algorithms for Symmetric Positive Definite Features

Comparative study SPD machine learning.

Contributions to SAR Image Time Series Analysis

Remote sensing data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors offer a unique opportunity to record, to analyze, and to predict the evolution of the Earth. In the last decade, numerous satellite remote sensing missions have been launched …

Machine learning with Riemannian Geometry

Exploiting Riemannian geometry to improve machine learning algorithms