Synthetic Aperture Radar

Robust Low-rank Change Detection for Multivariate SAR Image Time Series

Low-rank Robust statics for SAR change detection.

Contributions to SAR Image Time Series Analysis

Remote sensing data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors offer a unique opportunity to record, to analyze, and to predict the evolution of the Earth. In the last decade, numerous satellite remote sensing missions have been launched …

Robust Low-rank Change Detection for SAR Image Time Series

Robust Low-rank tests for change detection.

Change detection for SAR Images

A tutorial on change detection for SAR images.

Detection Methods Based on Structured Covariance Matrices for Multivariate SAR Images Processing

Low-rank tests on covariance matrices.

Exploitation of SAR image time series

Presentation of my Ph.d topic and results

Design of New Wavelet Packets Adapted to High-Resolution SAR Images With an Application to Target Detection

Wavelet packets for SAR image target detection.

New Robust Statistics for Change Detection in Time Series of Multivariate SAR Images

Robust statistics for High-Resolution SAR images.

Multivariate Change Detection on High Resolution Monovariate SAR Image Using Linear Time-Frequency Analysis

Linear Time-Frequency methodology for change detection in High-resolution SAR images.

Linear Time-Frequency Analysis in High Resolution SAR Images and Applications

A talk the use of Time-frequency tools to uncover a physical diversity of interest and an application to two detection problems.