New Robust Statistics for Change Detection in Time Series of Multivariate SAR Images

Robust statistics for High-Resolution SAR images.

Robust Detection and Estimation of Change-Points in a Time Series of Multivariate Images

An extension of Conradsen et al work to robust models.

Change Detection for SAR Images in non-Gaussian Environment

Presentation of my results about change detection in non-Gaussian context.

A Robust Change Detector for Highly Heterogeneous Multivariate Images

Change detection based on robust covariance estimation.

Change Detection under Compound Gaussian Assumptions

A talk about the derivaiton of GLRT under non-Gaussian for change detection problem.

Multivariate Change Detection on High Resolution Monovariate SAR Image Using Linear Time-Frequency Analysis

Linear Time-Frequency methodology for change detection in High-resolution SAR images.

Linear Time-Frequency Analysis in High Resolution SAR Images and Applications

A talk the use of Time-frequency tools to uncover a physical diversity of interest and an application to two detection problems.

Détection de changement sur images SAR monovariées par analyse temps-fréquence linéaire

Version française du papier EUSIPCO de 2017.